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    Malcolm X
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    Albert Einstein
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TSD and Teachers Formation on New Salary Structure

Wednesday, 05 May 2021

In an endeavor to impart more knowledge and understanding over the recently launched New Teachers Career and Salary Structure, Teaching Service Department (TSD) on November 04, 2020, held a one-day sensitization workshop on the issue for executives of teacher’s formation.

The workshop was held at the Examinations Council of Lesotho (ECoL) PREMISES AT Khubetsoana and around 50 participants were in attendance.

Teaching Service (TS) Chief Education Officer (CEO) Mrs. Phaee Monaheng-Mariti set the workshop in motion by first explaining how the structure in question came about, people, organizations, and ministries that were involved in its making as well as why the workshop is only held now.

Taking participants through the presentation, TSD’S Remuneration and Benefits Officer Mr. Posene Poka mentioned the ministries and members of teachers formation that helped the Ministry of Education and Training in coming up with the structure after which he centered his presentation on the new teacher’s ranks /positions and qualifications needed in each.

Mr. Poka also talked about the changes the new structure is going to make on teacher’s mobility in their ranks as well as increased salaries it comes with.

It is when he was discussing increased salaries that participants attention was mostly drawn in and they started asking several questions including, whether or not it is true that teachers are no longer only paid based on their qualifications, whether it is true that Diploma holding teachers at primary school level are paid low salaries as compared to Diploma holding teachers in post-primary schools.

Participants also wanted to get more clarification on whether the new structure covers all teachers or just a portion of them citing that there are teachers who still earn the same salaries they were earning before the new structure could be implemented.

In response to some of their questions, Mr. Poka confirmed that as per the new structure, teachers are also paid based on the nature of their work/ their workload. He also confirmed that all qualified teachers are covered in the new structure.

The workshop also discussed the Performance Management System (PMS) for teachers which executives of the teacher’s formation asked TSD to ensure that it finally becomes a reality as it has been discussed over years.

Participants further divulged that PMS is an important tool that can help teacher’s mobility through their ranks to become smooth and transparent further asking that it should not be supervised by Human Resource Officers but by the Principals ass the former have less knowledge of teacher’s work but the latter knows better.

TSD management that attended the event comprised of three Directors, two Mangers, and several Officers. They concluded the workshop by requesting leaders of teacher’s formation to help the Ministry by asking their fellow members to seek clarification over the new structure from the Human Resource Offices in the district education offices.